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  • Look at the bus schedule to determine the time point of when the bus will be at the location near you. PM times are in bold.
  • On Request (OR) means that the bus will stop with no additional fare, but only through a pre-arranged request.
  • C TRAN is a flag stop system which means a passenger may board a bus at any safe place along a fixed route. When you see the bus you want, signal the driver by waving.

Paying Fares

  • Our bus operators are not allowed to handle money or give change. Please be sure to have exact change to pay your fare for each trip.
  • In place of the $1.75 or $0.85 fares, bus tokens may be purchased at the C TRAN Administrative Offices, 1201 Clemens Center Parkway in Elmira.

Period PassesWellsburg-Waverly Bus Image

  • If you ride often, save money by purchasing a period pass. A 31-day pass entitles you to unlimited ridership on any fixed routes for 31-consecutive days.  C TRAN also offers 1-day passes, which are great to have on hand for emergency situations.  
  • Passes must be displayed each time you board and must remain in your possession for the entire trip.

Safety Tips

  • Take your seat as quickly as possible. Never change seats while the bus is moving. Wait until the bus departs your stop before crossing the street. Refrain from engaging in unnecessary conversation with the driver.

 General SmartTAP Policies & Procedures

  • Reduced Fare SmartTAP cards are “non-transferrable” and may only be used by the purchaser.
  • The bearer of the SmartTAP card must possess his/her bus pass at all times while on the bus. 
  • Each card will only allow one passenger to “tap & go” once within a 15-minute timeframe. 
  • Passengers are prohibited from sharing or distributing SmartTAP cards.  Violators found guilty of misusing the system in any way will be subject to C TRAN’s Transportation Passenger & Visitor Standard of Conduct and face the consequences of this inappropriate conduct.
  • All bus pass purchases are final.  C TRAN does not offer refunds or replace lost, stolen or damaged disposable bus passes. 
  • Drivers will not honor SmartTAP passes that are damaged, mutilated, expired or that are indicated as invalid on the fare box.
  • To avoid being a victim of fraudulent or forged passes, customers should purchase fare passes only from authorized C TRAN Sales locations or SmartTAP Vending Machines.
  • C TRAN Supervisors have the authority to confiscate invalid passes and/or remove any person not following these rules.
  • C TRAN highly recommends storing all SmartTAP cards in a clean, dry, flat carrier or holder.  SmartTAP cards should not be folded and holes should not be punched into them.


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