What is Mobility Management and the Coordinated Transportation Committee? 

Chemung County and C TRAN are committed to assisting residents in coordinating, educating, and developing solutions to transportation issues in Chemung County. The Chemung County Mobility Manager leads a group of transportation providers and human services agencies to work together on getting Chemung County residents where they need to go. The Coordinated Committee works to coordinate resources, identify unmet needs, and share information on existing transportation services. Our Coordinated Plan outlines how we want to go forward (download). Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send an e-mail to the Chemung County Mobility Manager.

Regional Efforts

Collaboration has been key in promoting the new mobility options for the Southern Tier.  Formally launched in 2014, the Mobility Managers of Chemung and Steuben counties worked to promote the Southern Tier Rideshare Program.  This green, economical alternative to the single occupancy car trip continues to spark interest and participation increased. 

As of 2019, programs like the 511NYRideshare Program have expanded across five counties as commuters have discovered new ways to get to work, make connections to public transit and develop a back-up plan for vehicle maintenance & repair, inclement weather carpooling and enjoy helping others who are seeking affordable transportation options.

Travel Training: Learn How to Ride the Bus 

Chemung County’s Mobility Manager works to get the word out about transportation options like public transit.  Travel training is available to provide new riders with the confidence and necessary understanding of the public transit system to travel safely & independently.  We also offer a Bus Buddy Program!  If you are interested, contact Customer Service at (607) 734-5211.  

 Riders Advisory Council 

We’re here to listen. C TRAN has a Riders Advisory Council that is made up of senior citizens and people with disabilities that staff participate in. The Council discusses appropriate improvements to be made to our transit system that will better meet riders’ needs. The group meets quarterly. Contact the Chemung County Mobility Manager if you would like to participate in this dialog.

Southern Tier Rideshare 

Public transit may not meet the transportation need for everyone. Chemung County actively educates the community about the rideshare (carpooling) software and its benefits to employers, employees, jobseekers and those in need of connecting to public transit.  To access the 511NYSouthernTierRideshare website Click the logo:                                                                                            Southern Tier Rideshare Image



 Partners & Stakeholders

We have many agencies and transportation providers who work with us to improve the mobility of residents of Chemung County. Visit their sites for further information about their services and programs: 

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